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How to make origami pixels and mosaics

Origami pixels video tutorial: learn how to make cool origami mosaics. It's fun and easy.

New triangular origami trixels tutorial (compatible with the square pixels).

Participate in the first collective origami patchwork mosaic!

The response to the origami pixels I introduced 2 months ago (March 2017) has been very positive and some origami enthusiasts have created very beautiful and very different paper mosaics with the pixels and trixels. You can see many of them in our Facebook group and on the Origami Pixels site.

Participate in a collective origami mosaic

A cool thing about the origami pixels is that multiple people can join in to participate in a single piece. I've done it with friends: every one folds some pixels, we put them together, and then everyone can pick the pixels they need to create a mosaic. It's like if we were kids with an endless pool of Lego bricks. :-)

But since the pixels can easily be joined together, we can also collaborate remotely: everyone makes a small mosaic and sends it by mail, and then we join all the pieces in a giant mosaic, a bit like a patchwork or a quilt.

I would like to invite you to participate in the first collective and collaborative origami patchwork mosaic! Here is how it works:

Mosaic size and pixel size

Mosaic size: Each participant makes a 8 x 8 origami pixels mosaic.

Pixels size: Each pixels should be folded from a 3.75 x 3.75 cm square. If you use standard 15x15 cm origami paper (kami), then you can fold and cut one sheet into 16 squares.

Paper: Standard "kami" origami paper works best. If you don't have it, you can use colored copy paper. Please use solid colors and not patterned / printed paper.

You can sign on one of the pixels (front and/or back).


The mosaic should be about the place, city or country that you are from or live in. Or something that recalls it. (e.g. I live close to Paris so I could make a croissant, a glass of wine, a frog, the Eiffel Tower or countless other things. Use your imagination and try to avoid flags!). It can also be abstract, and you could use the colors that you associate with your place.

As examples, here are the beautiful mosaics that Sonsi Martin and Corinne Beaubeau will send from Spain to be part of the collective mosaic:

Shining sun and cloud

"Shining sun and cloud", by Sonsi Martin, Spain

May in Madrid

"May in Madrid", by Corinne Beaubeau, Spain

Dates and places

I will join all mosaics in a big mosaic and bring it with me to the 2017 French convention in Blois (May 25th to 28th 2017) to expose it there.

That means I need to receive your mosaics before that. Please try to send your participation so that it arrives before May 20th, in case there are unexpected delays with the post.

If it's not too expensive, I recommend using a fast and tracked way to send your mosaic. The good news is that it will fit in an enveloppe, so you do not need to send it in a package.

I lost quite a few of the origami butterflies that I sent all over the world last year (using regular mail), it would be a pity if your mosaic get lost in the mail.

Please send your mosaics to:

Stéphane Gigandet
21 rue des Iles
94100 Saint-Maur des Fossés

If needed:

Mail: stephane@origamipixels.com
Phone: +33 6 88 96 17 49 - In France: 06 88 96 17 49

Let's make the collective origami mosaic travel!

After the Blois convention is over, it would be great if we could display the mosaic in other conventions. I'm thinking I could send it to someone else who will attend another convention, and then that person could send it to someone else after that and so on.

Or alternatively at the convention I could give it to one of the attendees from other countries, and we could make it travel like this instead of over the mail.


Please let me know if you plan to participate and join the Origami Pixels Facebook group.

Participating mosaics

You can see pictures of the individual mosaics and some details about them, and also a map of the world that shows where the mosaic will be traveling from. Add your city and country to the map! Please send me pictures of your mosaic before you mail it.

Thank you!

Stéphane, May 2017.

Origami Pixels

Origami Pixels is a new fun and easy way to make origami tiles that can be joined by folding (no cut, no glue, not tape) to compose beautiful origami mosaics. This type of origami pixels was invented by 2017 by Stéphane Gigandet, and other types have been designed before. The Origami Pixel Unit page tells more about the history of origami pixels and shows how to fold them and join them.

Make beautiful origami mosaics with origami pixels. It's fun, easy and relaxing. No cuts, no glue, no tape, just easy folding!

It is very easy and quick to fold squares of paper into colorful origami pixels. You can then draw with them, and join them by folding them on their back to create beautiful origami mosaics. It's fun and easy! Video demo and tutorial: Origami Mosaics with Origami Pixels You can also combine the square pixels with triangular trixels tiles: Origami Trixels tutorial.

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Origami Pixels

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