Origami Pixels
How to make origami pixels and mosaics

Origami pixels video tutorial: learn how to make cool origami mosaics. It's fun and easy.

New triangular origami trixels tutorial (compatible with the square pixels).

Collaborative Origami Mosaic May 2017 participations

Origami mosaics that participate in the Collaborative Origami Mosaic May 2017 project. If you would like to participate, please send pictures of your origami mosaic so that they can can be added here. Thank you very much!

This page lists all the mosaics that have been created for the first Collaborative Origami Mosaics that will be displayed at the French origami convention in Blois on May 25th-28th 2017. Participations are very welcome from all countries. Each participant sends a 8 x 8 pixels mosaic by mail, and they are then assembled together for the exhibition. Please see the project page for details.

Map of the participations to the Collaborative Origami Mosaic May 2017 (world map)

Origami Pixels

Origami Pixels is a new fun and easy way to make origami tiles that can be joined by folding (no cut, no glue, not tape) to compose beautiful origami mosaics. This type of origami pixels was invented by 2017 by Stéphane Gigandet, and other types have been designed before. The Origami Pixel Unit page tells more about the history of origami pixels and shows how to fold them and join them.

Make beautiful origami mosaics with origami pixels. It's fun, easy and relaxing. No cuts, no glue, no tape, just easy folding!

It is very easy and quick to fold squares of paper into colorful origami pixels. You can then draw with them, and join them by folding them on their back to create beautiful origami mosaics. It's fun and easy! Video demo and tutorial: Origami Mosaics with Origami Pixels You can also combine the square pixels with triangular trixels tiles: Origami Trixels tutorial.

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Origami Pixels

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